Grace Kathryn - Santa Barbara, California and Destination Wedding Photographer

Kiana & Anthony | Santa Barbara Engagement

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When Kiana told me Anthony had asked her to marry him, I'm not ashamed to admit I did, in fact, tear up. Not only is their love story already long-lasting and heartwarming, but they were engaged underneath a waterfall in Iceland as their several-month-long European travels were coming to a close. Can we say.... epic?!

I have been shooting with Kiana since I was studying photography at Brooks--she gracefully accepted the role of modeling for countless shoots I've come up with over the years, and also granted me full use of her massive vintage closet & prop collection (AKA she's pretty much the best person a photographer like me could dream of).

So.... when Kiana asked me to capture her engagement photos, I knew I wanted to give her the best photos possible. She had asked for just one thing: a cloudy day to shoot. This would normally be no problem--except we live in mild Santa Barbara where usually the weather is 72F and sunny. We ended up waiting until the June Gloom fog rolled in, but our first choice shooting location in the mountains happened to be above the marine layer so we turned around and headed for this whimsical forest in the foothills of the Santa Barbara riviera.